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Network manifesto

February 27, 2009


  1. Children are never a property. Their natural parents have their custody until they reach adulthood. Society has the task to help mothers and fathers in raising their children by protecting children in all their contacts with the community.


  2. We want to safeguard children’s rights and fight to obtain them. We courageously commit to guaranteeing their freedoms, helping them to defend their physical safety, mental balance and psychological-physical development.


  3. Globalization has shown off even more the great disparities between rich and poor countries and, consequently, the enormous differences in children’s growth chances. All of them must have access to food, health and education; here our rebellion against the system lies.


  4. We courageously stand against children’s involvement in any war and use of weapons.


  5. We rise up against the exploitation of child labour and the human trade of children and young people.


  6. We are committed to going after anyone who sexually abuses of children, tortures or mistreats them physically or psychologically. We are against pedophilia and child pornography, our battle’s aim is to destroy anyone who shares or displays such barbarities.


  7. We state that we must challenge every ideological, philosophical, artistic and cultural form that exposes a child to exploitations, which limit his/her psyche or his/her behavioral balance.


  8. We want to contribute so that the child can naturally develop all his/her genetic and intellectual heritage, by taking advantage of all the resources that our society has and will have available.


  9. It is essential to work fervently in order to bring the child closer to Nature by celebrating its beauty and promoting its protection.


  10. Our commitment goes to limit mental, physical and psychological handicap by providing contributions and resources for recovery.


  11. We want to prevent religion and political ideology from imposing upon children’s needs by manipulating their future.


  12. We aim to offer all children human intelligence and knowledge, music and singing, theater and art to stimulate their intellect.


  13. We offer our skills and resources for this project. From Italy, we launch this manifesto for the respect of children’s rights with which today we found the “International Movement for the respect of children’s rights”.
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